Wednesday, April 21, 2021

There was no riot in Oakland last night

There was no riot in Oakland last night 
Because a police officer was found guilty 

The boards on my local stores will stay up 
Because we have unfinished business 

Now people are claiming that they are going to start 
What should have been finished long before we were born 

The boards will stay up 
And a black man will stay dead  

When I heard the words of the verdict 
I came close to tears  

I grieve for the man who will not benefit 
From the small victory that carries his name 

He will not take that lover back into his arms
No child’s eyes will look at him with adoration 

A friend of mine was murdered by our country 
Long ago his name was known by everyone 

He too never got to grow old 
Frozen in time as a hero 

The story gets retold 
Because it is mostly forgotten 

Pilgrims leave flowers at his grave 
As do I, in solitude 

Every day three of us are shot by police 
How many are bombed?  

Our soldiers and our cops are not changing much 
Three generations have learned something from them 


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