Thursday, December 12, 2019

New tenant on Piedmont Ave

There is a new tenant on Piedmont Ave

He has taken over the now vacant Starbucks on the corner of 41st.
I guess that there was not that enough money to be made there
By the hour, by the square foot, per barista
Selling coffee
For Starbucks

Across the side street
Gaylord’s coffee eeks out a living
Selling coffee that Russ roasts himself
And has very young people serve to us
Behind his censored mural
Along the wall
Where some guests sit outside and smoke

When it is raining,
There are no tables on 41st street
And the new tenant in the old Starbucks
Finds his shelter almost dry
With room for his bag and bicycle

His blonde hair
Half beard
Youthful face
And obvious distress
Are all familiar to me

I’ve seen him around
He has lived on Piedmont Ave. for a while
Just not at Starbucks
On a rainy day