Sunday, July 17, 2011

We need those dog parks

We need open dog runs in our public spaces.
I do not currently own a dog, but others do. 
The dogs and their owners need a place to take healthy care of themselves.
The dogs need to run and to socialize. 

All we really need to go along with dog runs is some respect for the leash laws outside the off leash areas. If the current supporters of the dog parks printed up some of the rules that the animal protection department have and hand them out to those who need to read them, I think we could all get along fine.  A person walking a dog on a leash would have some moral authority to hand a flyer to someone running their dog off the leash where it should not be. 

This is how Art Murmur got the open containers and other problems under control. 
If you are breaking the rules, you get handed a copy of the rules.  It has worked well. 

We need that Art Murmur too.
I am not an artist, patron nor a burner, but others are.
We need those streets closed and that cultural activity to thrive.
We need all of our city’s cultural life to thrive.
And we need artists and their fans to keep the partying within reasonable limits. 

We need those public schools.
Even you who do not have children, you need our children to go to school.
You need them to thrive at school.
You need them not to be truant, not to deal drugs, not to break into homes.

We need a skate park.
I do not go about on wheels under my feet, but many enjoy this sport.
Many people of color skate on wheels but we only have a place to skate on ice.
I am one of those white people who goes to skate on ice, but I need other to have the same resources.
We do not need skateboarders tearing up other public spaces or getting hurt.

We need those libraries.
I never use it, not for books, not for tools.  I am privileged as others are not. 
We do not need them vandalized, or threatened with closure. 

We need those police too.
Not just those of us who can be the squeaky wheel and get the attention.
And we all need to feel that they are there to help us, not hurt us.
We need the police to obey the law as should everyone. 

Do I need to go on? 

There are so many things we all need to support, pay for, accommodate and respectively share.  

Civil society starts with being civil.