Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Post election thank you to the people of Oakland

Hello to All,
Don personally extends his gratitude to the people of North Oakland for their support, positive engagement and their votes.
The job of making the Oakland public schools better continues.  We hope that our campaign is a part of making sure that the discussion includes more options at local schools and more practical and vocational education as part of what all students are offered.

The OUSD elections may be over, but the campaign to improve our city's public schools is never over.  Thus, Don and his campaign coordinators wish to send out to you, especially if you missed his Election Night Party, this brief note telling you how much they are grateful for your support.  THANK YOU!
Bottom-line is that we hit the pavement, and got our message out, and enlarged our base of supporters.  Consequently, many more District One voters are now aware of the unprecedented influx of spending in our school board races by multi-millionaire charter school lobbyists and organizations which have supported the proliferation of unaccountable charter schools in the district, to the detriment of the public schools.

Moreover, new volunteers and new members flocked to Don’s campaign to fight for the re-establishment of whole, healthy, greener, neighborhood schools for all the city’s children.  We will be working hard to help a new generation take up the leadership of our city.  The people who helped our campaign have a lot to offer all of us and we welcome them and their new ideas.

So the fight will go on, and, as soon as we all have caught up on that sleep we have been craving for, we shall collectively begin to reflect on how we can improve, grow our strength and influence, plan for the next election, and put a great school in each and every Oakland neighborhood.

Don will stay involved personally and will look for ways to contribute as a writer, a vocational teacher and as a supporter of candidates to come. 
The don4ousd.org website and email will soon be shut down.  You may contact him at dmacleay@earthlink.net in the future.

              Yours in Solidarity,

                  Don Macleay
                  Vicente Cruz
                  Dale Baum
                  Kyle Hudson
                  Brett Dixon
                  Chris Specker

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