Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Not Hillary

A friend sent out a group email telling us he wants to support Bernie for president for all the normal progressive reasons along with some admiration for his long, dedicated career.  
Another friend on the list wrote us all a reply that said she would vote for Hillary mostly because she was smarter than Bernie and much more experienced.

My slightly edited response to THAT is what I am sharing here:  


I don't think I could disagree more. 

By that experience and intelligence scale, the best President of recent times is HW Bush. 

Personally I suffered the death and destruction caused by the Regan Administration against Nicaragua and was a close witness to the horror of El Salvador and Guatemala.   

All of that with the support of the "moderate" Democrats let up by Hillary, Bill and Al Gore among others in the DLC translated into the Arkansas National Guard being the cover for the Contras in Nicaragua, the ARENA death squads in Salvador, the Rios Mont government in Guatemala city from their base in Honduras.  The same Honduras that had its president show the door by US led corruption of the political process and the small dose of military support to expelling him from his own country from a US air base as decision maker Hillary Clinton 'served' as Secretary of State in charge of the CIA at the time.   

If that is experience, I want nothing of it.  Personally I feel a deep sense of outrage that will only go away when the image of student bodies stacked in my machine shop after a Contra attack fades, along with the other things I saw during those five years.  Is that another thing that Americans can just say "oh, well" about?  This government sure kills a lot of people around the world and it gets pretty glibly explained away.  Hillary has been an actor and an official helping to run that show.   

That is the personal, emotional side of political awareness.   

The analytical side should have room to put in a framework for the rise in drone strikes, the disasters in Libya, Syria, Iraq and. and and, to understand why there was a bailout for the banks, but not the mortgage holders, why there is only carbon control on coal, and only in lip service, why the civil rights of Americans, and our lives, stop with a police stop, why Snowden is in exile and why Manning is in Leavenworth after a year of torture in Quantico, why the Occupy protests were shut down by the police in over twenty cities on the same week, why more people have been deported from our nation than ever before, and maybe we get some kind of an idea of who Hillary is and has been from her Democratic Leadership Committee and Walmart days and up until now and what kind of criminals run  our nation.  She is not just part of this group, she is one of its leaders.  

 The democracy that we live in is the one where Hillary was a guest of honor when Obama and Romney had that TV show called a debate while the Green Party candidate was in the basement chained to a chair.   

Any explanation of how all of this is OK does not get my support. 

I don't give a damn about the people involved, how smart they are or how good their CV looks.

What we are missing is the ethics. 


  1. Was she literally chained to a chair? Because I believe that. Please tell me that's metaphor.

  2. Was she literally chained to a chair? Because I believe that. Please tell me that's metaphor.

    1. Unfortunately it is not an expression.