Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Time to "Shake" it up in Oakland

Shake brings us some fresh air and some fresh leadership to this election. 
Shake is Jason Kane "Shake" Anderson,
Green Party candidate for Mayor of Oakland in 2014.  .
The Quan / Siegel camps are status quo, or one could say, Status Quan.  There is no reason to believe that either of them will provide the kind of progressive leadership that Shake offers us.  They do not even provide the kind of progressive leadership that those two claim to have already. 
During Occupy we learned a lot about who is who in our city. While Siegel is to be commended for quitting the Quan camp and providing legal aid to protestors, let's remember that Shake was on the lines, keeping his cool, leading the protests.  He (and others of course)  did our country a favor as they clearly put economic justice back onto the front pages of US politics after having poverty and fairness be a dead issue for so long. 

During those Occupy protests, and in his community work since then Shake has been helping put peoples concerns first in our minds.  He brings up issues in this race that NO OTHER candidate will bring.  You will hear some echo of supporting what the Green/Progressive city of Richmond has done.  Shake is ready to bring those ideas to this town, not just applaud them elsewhere. 

Truth is that communities of color in Oakland do not participate in our elections with the sense of entitlement that they deserve.  Their low voter turn out puts working people's concerns on the back burner.  Black and brown youth are second and third generations looking at bad schools, few opportunities, high unemployment, criminalization, and broken promises by politicians.  Oakland residents of all races and backgrounds need new leadership.  

From Jason Kane "Shake" Anderson we are looking for the kind of leadership that will get the disenfranchised to occupy politics.  Politics in the US belongs to the 1%, except for candidates like Shake who reject money based vote marketing and think of politics as a movement of the people. 
Shake is also offering an alternative vision to the more-cops-now candidates Tuman and Schaaf.  His policies are for better policing that includes leadership FOR the police.  Shake has put our policies that understand the difficulty of the Oakland Police officer's job and offers a better way. 

We have 15 people on the list for Oakland Mayor this year so far.  Two are status quo.  Two are going the wrong way fast.  Many are single issue. 
Shake comes from the communities all the other only talk about, and he comes with a vision and a movement behind it.  Shake exemplifies the Green Party 10 core values of ethics and practice.   http://www.gp.org/tenkey.php 

 He also is part of a new movement in city politics that includes Mayor Gayle in Richmond. Shake is not just a leader for Oakland, he is part of the leadership of a movement that has much to offer our whole country. 

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  1. Well said, Don. It's time to move away from the status quo, and I have high hopes that Shake will also be able to inspire folks from disenfranchised community to get more involved politically. We need their voices and their advocacy to stem the increasing inequality in resources in Oakland.